All because of you, I believe in angels
Not the kind with wings no, not the kind with halos
The kind that bring you home
When home becomes a strange place
I’ll follow your voice, all you have to do is shout it out


"This journey is over now. I wonder when the next will begin. I only know… that soon, we’ll be together."


Fucking around running FFXIII at obscene resolutions. Here’s Lightning at at original resolution of 4480x2520.

Random iPhone Wallpapers » Lightning Returns « 
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Random iPhone Wallpapers » Final Fantasy XIII « 
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Tokyo is wonderful! I’m so sorry for being inactive on here tho. I tried buying FFXIII for my PC when I got to Japan but since I’m in Japan the Square Enix website won’t let me buy the English version of the game, just the Japanese one. But… I… I …I want to listen to Ali Hillis and Troy Baker…. Although, Japanese would be better for my studies… Guess I’ll just visit the Square Enix Café first and decide what to do later…. <3

yami-sajic asked: Younger Hope or Older Hope?


I was watching the new FFXV trailer and came across the saddest youtube comment: